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Empowering Excellence: Jordan Sheppard and Retorio Join Forces

We're excited to share news of a collaboration between Jordan Sheppard and Retorio! This partnership brings together Jordan Sheppard's extensive experience in executive recruitment ...

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ev manufacturing
Unveiling the Green Drive: EV Manufacturing vs. Traditional Powertrains

The automotive industry is in the midst of a transformative phase, pivoting towards electric vehicles (EVs) as a solution to combat emissions and drive sustainability. Yet, as the wheels ...

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Covid 19 and Business

Since our inception, JordanSheppard has utilised cutting edge technology to enable our valued employees to engage freely in our core competence of communication. Thankfully, our use ...

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Succession Pitfalls

Succession planning has often been an activity fraught with pitfalls and difficulties in all types of business organisation, from large to small.

In small and medium-sized organisations, ...

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Search for Talent

A successful conglomerate that decides to spin off part of its operations and create a new company can face particular problems in recruiting top executive talent equal to the task.

Not ...

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Future Tech
Overseas markets

Analysis of overseas markets can be invaluable when a company plans to make inroads into new markets in a highly competitive international landscape.

A multinational consumer packaging ...

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Building Teams

Building a new management team and attracting top corporate talent can present some difficult challenges for any executive headhunting and market intelligence company, especially when ...

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Diverse Talent

Throughout the last ten years, diversity and inclusion initiatives have been high on organisations' agendas as they attempt to build high-performing diversified teams and win the ...

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JS in the Spotlight

The Telegraph Business Club chose Jordan Sheppard to feature in a business club edition as an outstanding British-based company that competes with the major executive search firms across ...

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Market intelligence

When a multinational manufacturing and technology company decided to optimise its workforce, it called in market intelligence and headhunting experts at Jordan Sheppard to help make ...

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