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When a multinational manufacturing and technology company decided to optimise its workforce, it called in market intelligence and headhunting experts at Jordan Sheppard to help make the transition.

The company faced a tricky combination of implementing considerable human resources reduction while, at the same time, launching several strategic corporate recruitment initiatives across its global business segment.

Plans were in place to reduce the company workforce by more than 3,000 production and non-production employees over two years as part of a significant transformation aimed at creating a leaner and more efficient organisation.

During this period, the overall reduction of the workforce was to be partially offset by the need to hire executive talent in specific growth areas.

This scheme would enable the company to both resize in line with its ongoing business needs, and also to increase its competitiveness in what is a very demanding marketplace.

Jordan Sheppard proposed a leadership talent mapping and succession analysis strategy that would serve to guide the company's executive leadership and human resources teams as they set about the task of reshaping and rebuilding the company.

Jordan Sheppard specialists offered a strategy would allow the teams to align expectations and provide sound criteria for reaching decisions on whether to promote internal executives or headhunt global external talent to fill crucial roles.

At the same time, Jordan Sheppard carried out thorough market analysis and used its business intelligence services to provide deep insights into the prevailing market conditions.

This combination of upfront market intelligence, executive talent availability and competitor assessment proved to be an invaluable tool for both executive recruitment and general business strategy as the company rolled out its restructuring initiative.

The advantages of external benchmarking and reconnaissance streamlined the discovery of high potential and seasoned talent with the skills necessary to excel in target roles and with DNA that fitted the client's corporate culture.

Jordan Sheppard's broad geographical reach facilitated the appropriation of expert talent on a global scale and the hiring of highly qualified executives across a range of industry sectors.

As leaders in executive search and recruiting, Jordan Sheppard could attract the most experienced candidates and ensure the success of this innovative business.

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