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Understanding Corporate Talent

During the last twenty years Jordan Sheppard has perfected the sniper approach to targeting the best leaders and understanding what makes them successful. We build trust with our business partners and are committed to continually evolving their working practices and efficiencies. Hiring the most talented leaders enables our clients to achieve their full potential impacting bottom-line results, influencing communities and the lives of billions.

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Technology Consultants

In the fast-moving world of technology, without clear vision and leadership, the pace of change and intense competition can engulf leading businesses in the blink of an eye. In the ever-converging domain of information management and communications technology, new products, ideas and innovations come along daily. From IoT to connected devices and smart technology, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help our clients develop human capital strategies. These human capital strategies drive growth and maintain profitability. Jordan Sheppard's technology practice works with a selection of industry-leading global clients. We retain close links with the investment community and regularly assist the growth of high technology organisations from start-up to maturity.

Private Equity Partners

By their very nature, private equity firms are conservative about capital investment. They recognise the critical need for outstanding human capital as the best route to support their mission. In addition to the traditional investors from private equity and investment banking, there has been a significant flow of capital from East to West over the last five years. With the increase in funds available and the simultaneous decrease of attractive investment targets, PE companies are forced to pay a premium, this puts immense pressure on management to deliver results. Jordan Sheppard leverages deep industry knowledge to attract high-level executives. Senior Leaders are the driving force behind any business, uncovering untapped areas of growth for PE ventures, sourcing future investments and reigniting the spark in brands which hold additional value.

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Infrastructure Builders

The global construction industry continues to transform emerging economies and improve the lives of billions of people around the world. The global construction sector develops better infrastructure and buildings; from carbon-neutral housing to record-breaking mega-projects. Parallel to the growth of the construction industry, the real estate services industry has transformed from a purely transaction-oriented local business to a multifaceted global business. They outsource a variety of services, from soft facilities management to capital market advisory services. Since our inception, Jordan Sheppard has assisted many global and regional construction, engineering and outsourced service organisations to enhance their senior leadership.

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Industrial Innovators

Industrial companies have been at the forefront of innovation ever since the Industrial Revolution. In recent years, the complexity of their global operations has dramatically increased due to a shift towards automation, digitalisation, time-to-market pressure and a constant focus on innovation. R&D has become critical to the success of any business leader in this sector and the overly heavy, bureaucratic manufacturing structures are a thing of the past – agility, speed and the integration of software solutions are the sources of competitive advantage. Jordan Sheppard's industrial practice has a breadth of experience across sectors, business models and functional capabilities. We have supported our partners in critical roles, spanning operations, supply chain, industrialisation, production, innovation, quality and overall business leadership.

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Healthcare & Life Science Strategists

The healthcare and life sciences sector has grown exponentially over the last 150 years, becoming an integral part of everyday life. From the supply of much-needed vaccines to "state of the art" diagnostic equipment used at the leading research hospitals in the developed world, the sector has been led by household names within medical consumables, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment and devices industries. Jordan Sheppard is working with several leaders in this sector to facilitate the innovation and critical development of products. We source leading-edge scientists, R&D specialists, product and business leaders, as well as senior management, sales and marketing professionals and supply-chain strategists.

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Mobility & Transport Pioneers

The transportation sector is going through a time of dramatic transformation with rapid development of new technologies, the evolution of the electronics systems and digital infrastructure, the environmental pressures. The competitive landscape is rapidly changing, with traditional automotive, rail, aerospace manufacturers finding themselves up against technology corporations and new disruptive start-ups. We have supported many of our clients to change and gain competitive advantage by finding the right leaders at C-suite and Senior Executive levels as well as helping them gain additional insights on key industry trends such as Autonomous Driving and Flying, Propulsion EV/HEV, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and Connected Services.

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Consumer Experts

Our clients realise that in order to be successful in today's business environment, it is critical to understand the trends in consumer behaviour and adapt to dynamic changes. In this highly-pressurised environment, organisations need exceptional leaders that have the power to inspire, drive change and energise their business. Attracting and inspiring such leaders is challenging, requiring real in-depth knowledge and expertise, as well as finesse, dedication, and commitment. Jordan Sheppard's consumer practice focuses on assisting market leaders, start-ups and medium-size businesses with their global talent needs.

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Energy Specialists

Despite the rapid growth of renewable energy technology deployment, fossil fuels will continue to dominate the energy mix for many years to come in most developed and developing markets. In addition, Nuclear Energy technologies from traditional to modular development are being given new consideration as a more reliable way to deliver increased power needs of rapidly developing economies. These industries require a continuous supply of high calibre senior leadership and middle management. Jordan Sheppard supports several world-leading Power Generation, IOCs, NOCs and many energy service companies by attracting the most talented leaders across strategically critical areas.

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