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Cross-functional and cross-industry leadership, focusing on diversity initiatives and transformational hires

Our Executive Search Consultants will follow this typical search process model:

Assignment Briefing

In person, via telepresence with all key stakeholders; through in-depth questioning, we gain an understanding of the requirements of the role and also expectations of the various decision makers. Our market knowledge and consultative approach allow us to challenge our client's perceptions and ultimate strategy, shaping and guiding them to a place where they can make a successful hire. We then develop a detailed proposal allowing fine-tuning of the brief and ensuring that all parties have an agreement of expectations.

Research and Benchmarking

Following confirmation of the brief, we develop a detailed Road Map of the search "universe". This is drawn from the client competitor environment, similar comparative market companies and other potential talent streams such as management consultancy, etc. The roadmap is populated with known contacts, referrals and more importantly, newly researched/referred names. We aim to provide at least two benchmark candidates within two weeks of commencement of an assignment in order to fine-tune the brief even further.

Candidate Engagement

Using a direct confidential approach, we make contact with potential candidates to get a better understanding of their career path and trajectory. Where there is common ground between their aspirations and the brief we then start to create curiosity and interest. Once we have a commitment and a full career history, we can then present our client's opportunity in more detail and begin the process of assessment.

Candidate Assessment

Using in-depth face-to-face competency based interviewing techniques, we carefully assess the long-listed candidates for both suitability to our client environment, the capability to execute the duties and desire to join the company. With our long experience and capability in the assessment of candidates, we are well positioned to establish the true DNA compatibility of the final shortlist.

Shortlist Report Presentation

Between four and eight weeks after the assignment commencement, we present a full report of the shortlisted candidates including competency assessment, current package details and expectations. In addition, we provide feedback on our findings in the marketplace including talent scarcity, any relevant competitor intelligence and perception of our client among their peers.

Client Assessment Process Management

At this critical phase, it is paramount that the client interview process is handled smoothly and at the right pace. We will manage all timing and coordination confidentially with the candidates ensuring swift and pertinent feedback on both sides and continually assessing the shortlisted candidates' desire to continue. Any concerns are clearly communicated to ensure that once the final selection is made we have maximised the chances of a successful hire.

Offer Negotiation and On-boarding

We negotiate the best possible compromise that will ensure an enthusiastic hire that fits the clients' internal equity. There should be no surprises at this stage. We assist our clients through any additional assessments required and advise the candidate through the resignation process. Contact is maintained throughout the long notice periods to ensure that pressure that will be brought to bear is resisted.

Assignment Debrief

Improvement is only possible when honest feedback is given; it is part of our ethos that we debrief openly with our clients in order that we (and they) can learn from the process.

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