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Over fifteen years ago, JordanSheppard was founded in two strategic locations (Eastern & Western Europe) and subsequently expanded its operations across all continents. This Global Executive Search firm brings unique insight into the emerging and high-growth markets and an unprecedented network of global and local talent. The company is a partner to some of the most respected international conglomerates. To learn more about Jordan Sheppard head to About Us


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Ludmil Dobrev CEO
Ludmil Dobrev, CEO

Jordan Sheppard has a significant record of success in identifying candidates with rare and highly sought after skills and expertise. We have a wealth of experience tapping into niche sectors and geographic talent pools while offering a single point of contact throughout the client relationship. Our state of the art technology allows us to connect with candidates and clients around the world enabling us to provide valuable competitive information and market intelligence.

Commitment to our values — loyalty, mutual respect, transparency and passion has resulted in a proven track record in identifying the best professional leaders at executive, senior and middle management levels. By transcending geography we enable businesses to reach their global and strategic goals.