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Finding the Exact Match of Leadership
Mergers and Acquisitions

Identifying potential acquisition targets and highlighting suitable prospects that are not active in the current market. The targets, which are usually private/closed companies, can range in size from small high-technology businesses interested in development funding to large global businesses with shareholders seeking exits outside of floatation.

Using the same direct, personal approach to the key stakeholders and founders we can initiate a different kind of discussion that can lead to investment, partnership or acquisition.

Ensuring a Cultural Fit

The initial phase is to identify a long-list that fits the profile outlined by the client. It usually falls into one of two categories: a direct competitor business that has the same business offering but in an alternative market, or an indirect competitor business which has a different business offering but is active in the same market as the client.

Ensuring a Cultural Fit

Uncover greater depth of information and detail, whilst assessing if the business is a viable target. When this phase concludes, a more detailed report on shortlisted companies will be prepared and presented for discussion and decision-making. This report will include market data, competition analysis, and assess both key personnel and management capabilities.

Ensuring a Cultural Fit

Direct mediation with both key stake/shareholders and the senior management of those organisations to introduce the concept of acquisition, major shareholding, joint venture or other business relationship; including a licensing agreement or patent purchase. We do not offer a financial due diligence service.

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