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Covid 19 and Business


Since our inception, JordanSheppard has utilised cutting edge technology to enable our valued employees to engage freely in our core competence of communication. Thankfully, our use of cloud based technologies for collaboration, collation and communication meant that we could quickly redeploy our staff to continue adding value and work very effectively from home.

That was the easy and obvious part, the next phase of our reaction to the Covid-19 threat was to engage with all our clients (and non-clients) that are directly involved with the medical and logistical response to the crisis. Using our sector knowledge, creativity and ability to reach key decision makers, we fostered cooperation between medical device makers and auto makers, between supermarkets and non-essential retailers, between logistics companies and airports service companies, between PPE companies and aerospace manufacturers. We hope these collaborations will help drive cross sector innovation in the future.

What comes next in a post-pandemic world? We anticipate a great deal of reflection from both governments and corporations about the strategic safety of our supply chains. Some corporations anticipated this several years ago and began diversifying their production locations and suppliers, it is our intention to assist our current and future clients in following suite in this huge endeavour.

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