Business Intelligence Solutions

It takes many ingredients to make a masterpiece and for an organisation to achieve its objectives it requires exceptional, committed and diverse leaders. Our core offering is based on proactive recruitment and business intelligence programs executed through a team of dedicated Global Executive Search Consultants, comprised of Key Account Managers, Global Headhunters and Multilingual Researchers.

Why choose us?

There are many different commercial reasons for engaging our services; from new market entry to leadership transition, gaining insights into competitor strategy, talent benchmarking, market brand perception etc.

Our KPIs speak for themselves

65% promotions within 3 years, 55% transformational hires, 100% validated shortlists, 95% accepted offers.

Executive Search

Cross-functional and cross-industry leadership, focusing on Diversity Initiatives and transformational hires.

M&A Due Diligence

Identification of potential acquisition targets highlighting the most suitable prospects that may not be active on the market.

Succession Analysis

In-depth assessment of leadership bench strength and evaluation of existing talent combined with external leadership benchmarking.

Business Intelligence

Solutions in CEO Succession & Leadership Benchmarking. Talent Mapping & Competitor Analysis, Market Intelligence & Employer Branding.

Executive Search
Business Intelligence