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Analysis of overseas markets can be invaluable when a company plans to make inroads into new markets in a highly competitive international landscape.

A multinational consumer packaging company wanted to exploit the potential markets of south-east Asia in a country that had recently undergone significant political upheavals.

The country sat at the heart of the world's fastest-growing region and, with the global transition to the digital age, the country demonstrated potential to more than quadruple the size of its economy within a few years.

This promising market prospect naturally attracted interest from a vast number of investors, but the severe underdevelopment of the country after nearly a century of economic stagnation posed fundamental challenges for the economy and generated much uncertainty about its future prospects.

Jordan Sheppard's services were engaged to analyse the current market conditions, survey the available executive talent landscape and predict future growth prospects.

Expansion overseas is a big step that companies cannot take lightly. It cannot be carried out at the expense of existing operations, the company needs to be ready to meet the challenge posed by new markets and the right executive team needs to be in place to implement plans and exploit opportunities.

Using unique search methodology Jordan Sheppard was in a position to carry out an in-depth market analysis of the regional prospects that helped the company make the right decisions.

We provided extensive reports on the business risks and the market opportunities that were available and evolving in this relatively unpredictable region.

A thorough market analysis was allied to deep intelligence on competitor and comparative business strategies while our expert executive search methods unearthed the executive talent available both in the country itself and in the broader area.

Thorough market analysis allowed us to profile the management of our client's competitors in detail, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the market opportunities and provide a comprehensive salary survey to help recruit the best people.

With the market analysis information prepared by Jordan Sheppard, alongside a meticulous assessment of available executive talent, the client was able to formulate plans for a successful market entry.

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