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Jordan Sheppard is a global executive search and talent consultancy, serving companies worldwide and partnering highly respected international conglomerates. Our core offering is based on proactive direct contact and business intelligence programs. These programs are executed by a team of dedicated global executive search consultants, comprised of key account managers, global head-hunters and multilingual researchers. We offer intimate access to a network of globally mobile executive talent, delivering unique insights into competitor strategy and markets. Originally covering emerging and mature markets in Europe, Jordan Sheppard has expanded executive headhunting and market intelligence operations across the globe.

Empowering Excellence: Jordan Sheppard and Retorio Join Forces

We're excited to share news of a collaboration between Jordan Sheppard and Retorio! This partnership brings together Jordan Sheppard's extensive experience in executive recruitment with Retorio's ...

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ev manufacturing
Unveiling the Green Drive: EV Manufacturing vs. Traditional Powertrains

The automotive industry is in the midst of a transformative phase, pivoting towards electric vehicles (EVs) as a solution to combat emissions and drive sustainability. Yet, as the wheels of change turn, ...

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Jordan Sheppard has an exceptional record in identifying candidates with the skills and expertise required for senior leadership executive and non-executive positions. Our depth of experience of tapping into niche sectors and talent pools adds significant value to the recruitment process. Advanced technology enables us to connect candidates and clients and provide companies with a wealth of competitor information and market intelligence. Commitment to our values of loyalty, mutual respect, transparency and passion has resulted in a proven track record in identifying the best professional leaders at executive, senior and middle management levels. Jordan Sheppard's global executive search network supports businesses across a wide range of sectors to reach their global and strategic goals.

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