October 6, 2017

Master Service Search

by Jordan Sheppard Team in Blogs

Many International conglomerates choose to work with a small number of preferred Master Service Search partners based on their capabilities and areas of expertise and that operate in a predefined criteria. Often, there is a stringent requirement that are applicable when a Master Service Search Agreement is rolled out, and often the primary factors for a decision on who to use are depth of knowledge and degree of specialisation in specific vertical segment, geographic coverage and specific functional expertise. Although the argument of whether to choose a Supplier with strong Generalist profile versus a Specialist Partner is ongoing, it’s clear that the proven track record of delivery in the specific field and strong operating network are of primary consideration.

JordanShepaprd is a Preferred Master Service Search partner to a number of large international conglomerates across the globe and to date the company has never lost a client.  Many of our clients have a presence in several vertical segments. JordanSheppard’s ability to operate across different sectors has allowed specialisation in transferable skills that can improve competitiveness and bring best in class practice. Jordan Sheppard has developed a specialist Industry Executive Search team that works across our vertical markets to identify the best transferable talent in many different functions such as HR, finance, IT, supply chain etc

With dedicated consultants operating across eight vertical markets. Having completed assignments in more than 100 countries in EMEA, APAC and Americas, the group continues to be the preferred Master Service Search partner to both major international conglomerates and entrepreneurial / PE firms. During the last fifteen years, Jordan Sheppard has perfected a sniper approach to understanding corporate talent alongside the psychology behind working with people. We build trust with our business partners and are committed to continually evolving the working practices and efficiencies of the business. Hiring the most talented leaders enables our clients to achieve their full potential impacting bottom line results, influencing communities and the lives of millions around the world.

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