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Global Executive Search

A multinational food packaging and processing company was affected negatively by prevailing flat growth in the market, which required the company to reduce costs and establish a more efficient functional structure. Consequently the company announced plans for reorganisation and moving headquarters to the location of its manufacturing facilities and operational centres of excellence.

With a relocation of all corporate functions to another country, resulting in re-deploying over 350 employees into new positions, the company was affected by a significant attrition across all management layers. The challenge was to build a new management team, which is diverse and comprised of individuals with a broad international background and industry knowledge, in a location that traditionally had been a hub for local companies operating in unrelated industries.

Our client engaged Jordan Sheppard's services to identify and attract talent for a number of key leadership positions across Commercial, Communications, Human Resources and Financial functions. A team of consultants and researchers dedicated to the Packaging and Processing Technology markets in EMEA conducted a Multiple Assignment Programme. After an intense search of the competitor and comparative business landscape in Europe and beyond, numerous successful hires were secured in less than three months.