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A Multinational Consumer Packaging Company wanted to take advantage of opening of a new market in South East Asia in a country that had undergone a significant political change. The country was at the heart of the world's fastest growing region and began its transformation in the digital age, demonstrating a potential to more than quadruple the size of its economy in the following years.

This promising market prospect attracted interest from a vast number of investors, however the severe underdevelopment of the country, after nearly a century of economic stagnation, posed fundamental challenges for the economy and much uncertainty.

Our client engaged Jordan Sheppard's services to investigate the market conditions and talent landscape thoroughly. Using the Search methodology we were able to provide a report on risks and opportunities in a new and still uncertain market, along with a general intelligence on competitor and comparative business strategies and talent landscape in the country and the broader region. We were able to profile the management of our client's competitors and provide a salary survey. This information prepared our client for its subsequent market entry.