October 6, 2017

Global Talent

by Jordan Sheppard Team in Blogs

Top Trends for Attracting and Retaining talented leaders

One of the biggest challenges international companies face in this mobilized age is attracting and retaining a strong global talent pipeline. Today, almost every company is undergoing a process of digitalisation and with that also comes a need for new capabilities, functionalities, and globalisation of their operations. Companies are faced with new competitors as technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and the landscape for attracting new global talent is shifting.

While individuals are well adept to respond to technology’s ever-increasing demands, organisations are slower to evolve. Issues they face in this digital age are wide-ranging as shifting expectations are challenging the traditional views of what it means to go to work. The biggest takeaway in this global talent trends forecast is that technology advances are re-shaping how work gets done.

The top trends are indicative of this shift as more and more employees value company engagement on health and wellness, flexible working options, and a wider range of responsibilities and contributions. Employees are expecting the type of experience they have as consumers in the workplace and a tailored individual approach when it comes to talent management can be the differentiating factor when it comes to retaining top global talent leaders in your organisation.

Top global talent leaders are no longer content with organic business evolution. In order to stay competitive, organisations are transforming both structures and jobs to drive efficiency, usability, and customer intimacy. Over 93% of business executives plan to institute major design changes over the next two years. [1] Maintaining the appropriate balance between organisation disruptions and design change and global talent acquisition will be essential to sustainable growth in the next coming years.

[1] 2017 Mercer Global Talent Trends Report

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