October 13, 2017

Global Headhunter

by Jordan Sheppard Team in Blogs

Global Headhunter

As organizations are aggressively working towards expanding their operations across the globe, the need for the right candidates at the senior-level has increased substantially. When it comes to senior level hiring where specific skills are required then headhunting is often the only assured method of attracting the best people.

Today, headhunting services, also known as executive search services, are considered a global market. There has also been a substantial increase in the demand for cross-border executive search with the growth of global businesses and the need for quality leadership in the last few years.

Headhunting on a Global scale differs significantly from headhunting in a single country or even region. Why? Being focused on talent search across all geographical regions allows you to transcend beyond local cultural context. Cross-border executive search is quite beneficial, as it increases the ability to deliver diverse or multi-cultural leadership skills.

One is no longer assessed solely based on how one appears on paper but reputation, presentation and previous successes play an important role in assessment. In executive search it is crucial to ensure that the experience of a candidate meets the role requirements, but the task of ensuring an appropriate culture fit is equally important. We as consultants need to be cognizant that a cross border search is not only about having access to and finding the right individuals but also about appreciating the distinct nuances of different cultures.

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