October 6, 2017

French Executive Search

by Jordan Sheppard Team in Blogs

French Executive Search

The French Republic is the European Union’s second most populated country, the second largest economy within the EU and the fifth largest worldwide. According to the IMF, France has achieved a GDP of $US2.4trillion in 2016. France’s economy remains strong, focusing on continued privatisation of many state owned businesses. Manufacturing, financial services, energy, transport and agriculture all contribute to France’s strong export market. The French are justifiably proud of their business achievements, indeed more French companies occupy the Fortune Global 500 list than any other European country, with only the USA, Japan and China listing more. Companies such as Total, AXA and BNP Paribas lead the European market, securing France’s positon as a global leader.

It is important to note that this success has been heralded in by the strong executive and corporate leadership behind these companies. A strong indication to Executive Search firms that when researching key roles within international organisations they must look to France as a benchmark for strong and progressive leadership

However, France suffers from a reasonably high unemployment rate, currently estimated at 9.5%, which is higher than many of the larger EU countries. Which is why the processes involved in Executive Search and targeted boutique recruitment have never been more relevant. With the threat of redundancy looming, it has bred a sense of instability within the job market and so one could take security in passivity and complacency regarding career advancement due to the risk involved. In order to access the true potential of the French talent pool, the Search must take a tailored approach to the individual, considering all aspects of their experience and personality in order to gain a full understanding of their candidates, ensuring that their full potential is accessed and translated into their new career opportunity.

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