October 13, 2017

EMEA Executives

by Jordan Sheppard Team in Blogs

EMEA Executives

Europe, Middle East, and Africa are the 3 regions that make up the broader EMEA region. In this article we provide you with the complete list of EMEA countries that make up this region. We not only provide you with the individual countries in this region but we also try to sort and filter the data in a way that will be useful for those who need the information for different purposes. We will start with an EMEA countries list sorted in alphabetical order. The other ways we filter the data include by population, by GDP, and we break them up into sections for each sub region – Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

EMEA is a designation given to a set of countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for business purposes. Most commonly it is used for sales and marketing purposes but it is also used for other aspects of business including production and logistics. Many large North American and European countries use EMEA as a designation for their efforts in that region. The label helps companies to simplify the vast differences in this region and apply similar strategies and budgets to the region. EMEA is often used when a large company first enters this vast market but later as a company has more resources they may choose to focus more on the sub regions or individual countries within EMEA. It is also important to note that not all companies agree on which countries are included in EMEA. In particular, some of the countries in central Asia are debated being part of EMEA.

The EMEA region consists of more land mass than any of the other business regions (APAC, AMER, or LATAM). The EMEA region also spans 4 continents, Europe, Africa, Asia, and because of Greenland North America as well. It also contains more countries than any of the other regions and arguably covers the most ethnically diverse people groups and languages. When combined the region has around 2000 native languages, though a large percent of the region could at least understand English, French, Arabic, or Russian.  Businesses targeting the region should understand that the EMEA designation is arbitrary and there is very little that makes every country in the region similar to the other except for the fact that their location lies somewhere between 40° W and 53° E by longitude.

The total estimated population of the EMEA region is between 2.1 and 2.2 billion people occupying the land from the most northern parts of Europe all the way to the southern tip of Africa. When looked at as a whole the region is massive in terms of population.

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