October 6, 2017

China Executive Search Report

by Jordan Sheppard Team in Blogs

How China is Fast Becoming a Hub for C-Suite Talent

Two narratives have dominated the Chinese business scene for the past two decades: the rapid growth of the economy and the fierce battle for talent. Though not necessarily new, the trend for localised talent in China shows no signs of slowing down. Chinese and international corporations continue to utilise executive search firms such as Jordan Sheppard’s China executive search expertise, to replace overseas executives with local talent for their C-suite positions.

The benefits of sourcing local talent are substantial as Chinese and local talent who have extensive experience working at multi-national companies are often better equipped to understand China’s market and culture; making China executive search firms an attractive option for multinational corporations looking to relocate their top talent leaders.

In addition to better understanding China’s market and culture, local talent professionals have much-coveted global experience and expertise from their time spent abroad that are a great advantage to their employers. Companies located in China also now need to make contributions to social welfare on behalf of their foreign employees, just another incentive to utilise China executive search firms, such as Jordan Sheppard.

Now with over 7.5 million graduates of higher education, along with more and more talented professionals who are learning and refining their management skills, China boasts an unparalleled talent pool with an edge. This credible executive demographic is highly educated, globally minded, gender inclusive, digital and tech savvy, and very mobile. A demographic that will continue to be sought out by multinationals corporations for decades to come making China executive search firms a key resource in finding emerging top talent.


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