Global Talent Solutions

Case Studies

Business Intelligence – SW Europe

A global telecommunications infrastructure vendor was left with a problem as a result of the sudden departure of one of their Senior Executives. The previously rapid growth of the market in the region meant that at the mid level within the industry as a whole, there was a lack of experienced talent ready to step up the ladder.

Our client engaged JordanSheppard’s services to map the talent in the competitor landscape and to provide general intelligence on current competitor strategy and also general market perception of risks and opportunities in volatile economic times. Using the Search methodology we were able to profile the senior management of our client’s competitors, provide a salary survey and provide a benchmark to test internal talent against. This information allowed our client to decide that the risk on internal talent was worth it and an internal appointment was made.

Executive Search Major German Conglomerate – Global President

One of the largest German Conglomerates was going through a process of hostile takeover. The challenge was to identify and bring a CEO for a €5BN Segment of the business that would be able to provide an interface with both the existing board and the new shareholders, and at the same time represent a clear sign to the market that the new organisation was still determined to maintain and develop its position as a market leader in a technology demanding industry. Through the assistance of JordanSheppard, the client managed to attract and appoint an Executive Office from a direct competitor that combined technology expertise, business savvy and international pedigree, resulting into its first ever Non-German Management Board member appointment.
Three years later, the company has become the second largest Global conglomerate in their industry, significantly outperforming the market and boosting healthy balance sheets.